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Trampoline area  800 m²

Big Air Bag
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The low-profile, highly advanced BigAirBag® FOAM PIT features multiple air-pillars which absorb impact individually, allowing for simultaneous landings from 8m above ground level. This special construction makes it easy for people to leave the airbag, which allows more people per minute to use the BigAirBag area, and therefore less waiting time to make your next jump!


Bac a Mousse


This large container filled with soft foam blocks is always fun and most popular with the youngest! For safety reasons, we have provided two blocks of different heights, instead of trampolines, from which our guests can jump. This way they can practice fun tricks with soft landings!

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Court principal
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The main courtyard consists of 19 connected trampolines. In this jumping area, our guests can develop their balance, coordination and motor skills, which can improve their basic abilities for the trampoline.



The game everyone knows: Dodgeball! The Dodgeball Zone is a space where flat and sloping trampolines form a Dodgeball court. Around the entire yard is a net. This way the court is protected so that the balls stay in the area. We've added basketball hoops so we can easily turn the Dodgeball Court into a basketball court!

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Hautes performance
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Professional trampolines for XSTREAM high jumps! This area is a real challenge for the advanced trampoline jumper. The white trampolines with red crosses characterize the exclusive MaxAir Trampolines. These trampolines are beloved by professionals and provide participants the perfect environment to practice their jumps. With these trampolines made of special fabrics, you can jump much higher than the trampolines in the main court. Excellent for reaching new heights and increasing your tricks skills on the massive 4m x 4m center Trampoline.

Walk the Wall


Our high performance trampolines are combined with a Walk The Wall. This is a wall with different heights and sides while, using the bounce of the MaxAir trampoline beds, you can walk horizontally along the wall.

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Modules interactif
High 9 Duo
Wall Rider

Interactive modules

Gaming and sports? We combined the best of both worlds within our interactive areas:

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High-9 Duo (Rugged interactive) 

Here we have a real fitness challenge! The High-9 duo consists of 3 triangular shapes, each containing 3 pods. Players hit the pods to score points and can also compete against each other. The High-9 Duo is a test of bounce control, fitness, stamina and hand-eye coordination.  Are you skilled enough to hit out multiple lights while in mid air?

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WallRider (Rugged interactive) 

We have added exciting challenges for our guests with the interactive WallRider on the Walk The Wall. The flashing lights, which you have to turn off with your hands and feet, challenge you to go just a little further. WallRider offers three different game levels, helping beginners to master the art of wall-walking, amateurs to challenge themselves and their friends, and professionals to test their skills to the limit!

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ValoJump (Valo Motion)

Play the most entertaining video games in combination with jumping on a real trampoline! The camera tracks every move and makes our guest directly a part of the game by projecting them on the screen by placing them inside the video game! The variety of games and training apps make ValoJump suitable for all ages and for jumpers of all levels. An attraction where our visitors will have a lot of fun while working out!


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Sidijk has been the global supplier of air and foam filled products for over 40 years. Every day, they work with passion for smart and trendy products for leisure, sport and industry. We are extremely proud of Sidijk as a supplier of the most professional and safest trampolines in the world.


Supplier of championships worldwide

Sidijk provides paddings and boardings, air tracks and other sports products for various European and World Championships every year! Sidijk has built dozens of trampoline parks and indoor playgrounds around the world, complete leisure concepts in which sport and play are combined.


Safety and high performance are inextricably linked. In order to achieve maximum performance, a safe sport environment is essential. At Sidijk, they use certified and reliable materials and work with experienced craftsmen.

Silent spring systems

Each Sidijk trampoline consists of a high-quality trampoline sheet, a set of springs and a border with soft padding. The padding consists of two types of foam surrounded by strong vinyl. Paddings protect users from contact with the springs when jumping and help minimize noise.

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