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Chair massage is an effective, affordable, and immediately beneficial addition to your visit at XSTREAM PARK.


What is Chair massage?

Seated massage is a form of massage therapy that is performed while the client is fully clothed and seated upright. Because of how the chair is designed, chair massage targets the neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands, which are common trouble spots for the body in the modern world. This is especially true for modern office workers, who spend long days sitting working on the computer or for after your activity. Our chair is positioned in our Bar/Lounge area.

When do you choose to have a Chair massage

This type of massage is great for those who need a quick massage on the neck and shoulders that can help relieve the pain and tension. The treatment is quick, convenient and rejuvenating.



Chair massage can:

  • relieve muscular pain and tension

  • boost immune system

  • reduce stress

  • prevent injuries

  • improve concentration



Medium to hard pressure.


Massaged areas

Head, neck, shoulders and upper back as well as arms and hands if you like. Your massage therapist will adapt the massage to your needs.



You will feel energized and relaxed after 15 minutes of treatment! 


Time duration

Short sessions (15-30 mins)



15 min for 15.- CHF (1.- CHF per minute)

Get your 10% discount voucher for a massage booking in our dedicated massage area in our centre after a chair massage!

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