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A Deep tissue massage is a deep and powerful massage which is more focused on the connective tissue around the muscles and not just on the muscles themselves (partly the massage is also without oil and little oil). Deep tissue massage is therefore also good for the skin, in addition, tension and stress are reduced.

You could compare the Deep Tissue massage with a Sports massage, but at a slower pace.


When do you choose for a Deep Tissue massage


This massage is aimed at improving (chronic) pain complaints. The massage is intensive and firm, but also relaxing. The massage technique counteracts cramped muscles, for example with tension complaints of the neck, shoulders and back.

By paying careful attention to tense points, the knots in your body can dissolve. When muscle tension decreases, the energy flow in your body can immediately restore. This makes you feel more in balance.




A Deep Tissue massage can:

  • soften connective tissue

  • reduce (chronical) pain

  • lower blood pressure

  • help relieve tensions

  • restore energy levels




Medium to hard pressure, mostly slow movement techniques.


Massaged areas


Back, legs & feet (back and front, arms & hands and head. Your massage therapist will pay particular attention to the areas of the body that bother you the most.




Blockages, adhesions, and tension in the area where the tissue adhesion is located can be relieved or removed.


Time duration


45 min Upper- or lower body - 85 CHF

60 min Upper- or lower body / Full body - 110 CHF

90 min Full body - 160 CHF


When is a massage not recommended?


A massage is very nice, but in some cases, it is not recommended to take a massage as you will not benefit from all the advantages. We call these contra-indications. Contra-indications are reasons why someone may not (absolute) or partially (relative) be massaged unless there is permission from the attending physician and/or specialist. Your health and safety is our top priority.



The following contra-indications apply to all our massages:

  • Fever

  • Infectious diseases – bad cold, flu and strep throat

  • Unbearable pain

  • Poor general health

  • Diseases in which there is an increased metabolism

  • Cancer – during chemotherapy or radiation treatment

  • Serious vascular diseases

  • Extreme fatigue or exhaustion

  • Psychological trauma at an early stage

  • Inflammation

  • Injury

  • Infectious skin conditions

  • Antibiotics – please consult your doctor

  • Blood thinners – please consult your doctor

Do not completely rely on what is described here, if you think that you are able and willing to be massaged, please consult your doctor.

Of course, any form of massage with the use of alcohol and drugs is prohibited.

Please note: if the massage therapist is not fully or incorrectly informed, we cannot be held liable for damage and/or injury as a result.

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